Electrical Contractor Advice on Warehouse Lighting

Whether you’re updating an existing facility or designing a new warehouse, lighting is a crucial concern. And to tackle the project, you’ll require the expertise of a local industrial electrical contractor.

As a Utah business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees have a safe work environment. Without sufficient warehouse lighting, accidents are bound to happen – and the last thing you want is for someone to suffer an injury simply because they couldn’t see well enough.

An experienced local industrial electrical contractor, like the team at Orange Electric, can make sure your facility space is well-lit. Here, we share our best tips on creating an effective warehouse lighting plan.

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Take Advantage of Natural Light

Our industrial electricians aim to let plenty of natural light in, and our warehouse lighting plans often include recommendations to add or open up windows.

Warehouse workers don’t appreciate feeling boxed up all day, and allowing for ways to let the sunshine in can help boost productivity and reduce employee stress. Plus, by incorporating more natural light, you’ll reduce your energy costs.

Know What the Warehouse Needs

To design an effective warehouse lighting plan, electrical contractors consider the specific requirements for workers throughout the space.

Different work zones have different lighting needs, and every area must have the type and amount of light necessary to complete tasks. Considering the employee needs is extremely important to ensuring optimal safety and maximum productivity.

Consider the CRI Rating

When it comes to warehouse lighting, the color rendering index (CRI) rating can have a significant effect on the work environment.

The CRI rating is a measurement of how well light picks up and displays certain colors, and lighting with a subpar rating have a negative impact on visual clarity. As a general rule, a higher CRI value is better, but an electrical contractor can determine the right rating for the size of the space you need to illuminate.

Prioritize Energy Efficiency

Experienced industrial electrical contractors typically advise Utah business owners to choose highly efficient warehouse lighting solutions.

Energy-efficient lighting systems tend to cost more than their counterparts, but going the greener route means enjoying lower energy bills. So while the initial investment is likely to be larger, lighting that runs on very little power can save you a great deal of money in the future.

If you need to light up a warehouse in Salt Lake City or the surrounding northern Utah region, the professional industrial electricians at Orange Electric can help.

We have the skill, training and experience to design and install an effective and efficient lighting system, one that provides your workers with ample illumination to complete their daily tasks. For more information on the services we provide, or to schedule a free consultation and estimate with one of the best industrial electrical contractors in Utah, contact Orange Electric in West Jordan today.

Buying an Older Building? Consult a Commercial Electrician First

Before you invest in any building for your business, you should consult with a commercial electrician. But if you’re planning to buy an older property, the step is particularly crucial.

Buildings built decades ago have interesting architectural features and quirks, which is why many people prefer them to newer structures. However, those same oddities often extend to the wiring and electrical systems. What’s behind the walls may not be up to code, and if you fail to address the situation, you could be putting your employees and customers at risk.

Here, we explain the potential hazards of having an aging electrical system and how a commercial electrician can help make sure the older building you want to house your business in is safe.

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Knob and Tube Wiring

Many older buildings have knob and tub wiring, and much of it isn’t in the best of shape. And when this type of wiring has been compromised in any way, it presents a major fire risk.

Wiring Modifications

In decades-old buildings, people may have tinkered with the wiring. If the work was done by anyone other than an experienced commercial electrician, there could be serious problems.

Low Amp Wiring

Older wiring wasn’t meant to power advanced electronics and business equipment. To meet your needs, a commercial electrician may need to upgrade the amp capacity of the electrical system.

Electrical System Design

Depending upon the age of the building you want to buy, the electrical system may have been designed to meet codes from several decades ago. Standards have changed quite a bit over the years, so older buildings often don’t pass inspections.

Schedule a Commercial Electrical System Inspection

If you’re thinking about buying an older building, contact a local commercial electrician and schedule an in-depth inspection of the electrical system before committing to the purchase. An experienced contractor can identify any potential problems and provide you with an estimate for any necessary repairs. Armed with that information, you’ll be able to make a sound financial decision about the future location for your business.

And to tell the truth, buildings that aren’t very old can also have dangerous, outdated electrical systems. For that reason, having an experienced commercial electrician perform a thorough inspection is one step you should take before buying any business property.

If the older building you want to buy is in Salt Lake City, Provo or the greater northern Utah area, turn to the Orange Electric team. We have extensive experience inspecting commercial electrical systems, and we’d be happy to help make sure you make a smart business investment.

To schedule an electrical system inspection with an expert local commercial electrician, contact Orange Electric in West Jordan, Utah, today.