Themes and Trends for Modern Commercial Lighting, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the modern themes associated with commercial lighting. Both for practical and aesthetic reasons, there are several trends involved with commercial lighting today that building owners and managers should be aware of.

At Orange Electric, we’re proud to offer numerous commercial electrician services, including lighting installation and several related lighting themes. In today’s part two of our series, we’re going to get a bit more detailed and dig into some of the lighting trends present in various types of commercial buildings to give you an idea of how different industries may take advantage of the wide variety of modern lighting components available.

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Restaurants are in a strange position, as the COVID-19 outbreak has damaged their in-person business in many cases – and returns, where possible, must feature distancing and care. This means restaurants must continue to focus on factors like ambiance and natural lighting to keep customers comfortable.

One great method here is switching to LED bulbs, which not only bring ambiance and environmental friendliness, but are also easily affordable. A particular type of LED bulb to look into is known as the Edison bulb.

Retail Areas

Retail areas have also had to make some changes, and a big focus this year has been tailoring light to various customer profiles. This is especially true for smaller retail groups, since big box stores are less impacted by such trends – these larger stores tend to prioritize energy efficiency over all else given their volume of customers.

Hotels and Hospitality

Hotels and other various hospitality areas must focus heavily on eco-friendly lighting, as more and more customers have begun to list this area as one that’s important to them. There are numerous such bulbs available that do not limit style or aesthetics in any way.

Healthcare Facilities

There are even forms of modern lighting that are known to provide benefits to human health, and these are vital within healthcare facilities. LED lights are once again valuable here – not only do they come with a reasonable cost that most hospital administration groups can easily afford, they also provide low levels of heat emission – this makes it easier to control the temperature in patient rooms while also providing ambient light themes that assist with comfort and care.

On top of this, quality LEDs can mimic the appearance of natural light, which has shown to be connected to health promotion. This is particularly true for long-term care patients who spend most of their time under these lights and see very little (or no) time outdoors.

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Themes and Trends for Modern Commercial Lighting, Part 1

While they may not shift or change as often as an area like fashion, per se, the world of commercial electrical services does include several general trends and themes. One great example here is lighting – both for technological and aesthetic reasons, the world of commercial lighting goes through regular changes and trends based on the products available and what’s “in” during a given period of time.

At Orange Electric, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of commercial electrician services, including lighting installation and several other themes related to lights in your commercial building. In this two-part blog series, we’ll start by going over some of the top themes out there for trendy modern commercial lighting systems – and then in part two, we’ll delve into specific commercial industries and some of the lighting trends present in these areas.

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Environmental Friendliness

For starters, one of the top themes at play in modern commercial lighting is energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Not only can you save yourself some major funds here, you can also provide benefits to the environment around you.

For those looking to really promote these areas, you can apply to be a LEED-certified building (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Many LEED buildings take on such projects as harvesting daylight, using light and energy control systems, and sending their own contributions to public power grids.

Health Themes

Commercial building owners are also spending more time thinking about the health of their employees and other occupants in modern times, and one example is lighting. There are several commercial lighting options out there that mimic natural light flow for human circadian rhythms, helping balance physical and visual needs. The infusion of natural light, even through non-natural sources like these, is one of the major benefits of modern lighting technology.

Safety Features

Commercial lighting is also often used as a safety feature within the space. Many building owners use motion sensors for their exterior lights to ward off potential burglars, for instance, and larger companies with parking lots on-site should install parking lot lights for employees who stay late.

Low-Cost Style Upgrades

Finally, there are many ways for building owners to use lighting as a low-cost way to upgrade their aesthetics. Much of this comes down to personal style and taste, plus a combination of strong aesthetics and practical value for employees, managers and other staff. But you’d be surprised how much you can do even on a very limited budget, as modern lighting options are generally affordable and easy to source.

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