How a Commercial LED Lighting Retrofit Adds Value, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the primary benefits of taking your commercial building through a commercial lighting retrofit with LED fixtures. Short for light-emitting diode, LED lights are both more efficient and better aesthetically than many incandescent light forms, bringing several major positives to business spaces and facilities.

At Orange Electric, we’re proud to offer a variety of commercial electrician services, including a wide array of lighting installations and retrofits for any building. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll look at a few additional benefits of LED retrofits for your commercial space, including some environmental positives plus the impact such an upgrade will have on your long-term building value.

commercial LED lighting retrofit value

Environmental Friendliness

More and more business owners are looking for ways to minimize their environmental footprint, and installing LED lights is one fantastic route here. LED energy-efficient lights use anywhere from 25% up to 80% less energy than traditional light bulbs, plus last anywhere from three to 20 times as long.

This means that not only are you saving major quantities of energy for the same amount of light use – savings that also show up on your monthly energy bill – you’re also using up fewer materials to light your building. The environmental impact here grows the larger your building is, allowing you to keep it lit without a major environmental strain. And as we noted in part one, this attention to the planet around us also comes with several incentives that benefit your business specifically.

Building Safety

Not only are LED lights more efficient and longer-lasting, they’re generally a major upgrade when it comes to the quality of the lighting itself. Particularly for any commercial facilities that involve any kinds of physical hazards or risks, such as warehouses or packaging locations, the value of improved lighting is massive when it comes to basic safety and daily operations.

This, in turn, will have a major impact on employee comfort and productivity. We’ve talked a lot about savings here so far, and this is yet another area where you might see some financial benefits.

Long-Term ROI

Finally, there’s the simple reality that investments in energy efficiency today tend to pay off double or even triple in the long run. This is because, unlike many other kinds of building upgrades, a lighting retrofit or a similar attempt to improve efficiency will continue giving back value to you for years into the future. For every dollar you spend on these kinds of retrofits today, you’ll see multiples coming back in terms of your energy savings and employee productivity.

For more on why it pays to upgrade to an LED commercial lighting retrofit, or to learn about any of our commercial electric services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.

How a Commercial LED Lighting Retrofit Adds Value, Part 1

There are several ways commercial building owners or managers might consider upgrading on the electric side, and one of the most common and popular such upgrades is the commercial lighting retrofit. Designed to help you improve both aesthetics and costs in terms of lighting, this retrofit generally involves an upgrade to LED lights from a previous type, plus possibly a few other related areas.

At Orange Electric, we’re happy to offer numerous commercial electrical services, including lighting installation from our quality electricians. We’ve assisted numerous clients with an LED commercial lighting retrofit, and can easily sit down with you to explain the potential benefits of such an upgrade for your business. This two-part blog will evaluate all the relevant factors to consider.

commercial LED lighting retrofit value

LED Retrofit Basics

Simply put, an LED retrofit is the addition of new LED lights to replace previous lighting systems that were less efficient and less aesthetically pleasing. LED stands for light-emitting diode, a semiconductor light source that uses far less energy and lasts much longer than incandescent light sources.

LEDs are used in numerous industries and applications, including everything from automotive areas to medical devices. In your business, though, they serve as a far more efficient and practical upgrade over most existing lighting systems.

Our next several sections will go over why this is the case.

Cost Savings

For many business owners, the primary benefit of an LED lighting retrofit will be cost savings. You’re looking most closely at return on investment (ROI) here – how quickly and easily will you be able to recoup the value of what you paid for the retrofit?

In the case of a commercial LED retrofit, the answer tends to be very quickly. It usually only takes a couple years for a building owner to save enough on lighting costs and decreased maintenance needs that they’ve completely recouped their investment, and these benefits continue to showcase themselves every year after this.

Deductions and Incentives

In addition to simply spending less on your daily lighting costs, a retrofit also provides several potential financial incentives for business owners:

  • Energy Policy Act of 2005: Allows business owners to deduct $0.60 per square foot for installing energy-efficient lighting, for which LED lights qualify.
  • Bonus depreciation: Business owners will qualify if their lighting assets have a life of 20 years or less.
  • Rebates: Utility companies often offer rebates for energy-efficient lighting installations, meaning a single LED retrofit in your commercial building might bring you multiple areas of savings in one fell swoop.

To learn more about all the potential benefits of a commercial lighting retrofit to upgrade to LED lights, or for information on any of our commercial electrician services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.