Commercial Electrical Issues: When to Replace

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the common commercial electrical issues you may face that can often be remedied with a simple repair. There are many such minor issues in a commercial space, and either your own DIY know-how or some simple assistance from our commercial electricians will solve the problem.

At Orange Electric, we’re proud to provide a huge range of commercial electrical services – from basic repairs like those to larger replacement or building projects, such as lighting installations and many other design-build electrical contracting services. What are some situations where commercial electrical areas should be replaced altogether rather than repaired? Today’s entry in our series will go over several.

commercial electrical issues replace

Building Age

In many situations with an older building that hasn’t had an electrical retrofit for decades, it simply won’t be able to meet the demand of modern electrical needs. Today’s electrical products often require more power than these systems are set up to provide, plus they will regularly experience outages and other glitches – much more often than newer systems.

In these cases, a simple replacement is usually much more cost-effective than making the same repair over and over. This is especially true if you have regular power issues when plugging in certain appliances.

Smoke and Outlets

We mentioned fire risks in part one as they pertain to warmth near light switches or on walls, and an even riskier situation is if you smell smoke or burning in your outlet areas. This often signals a wire or circuit that needs replacement but will pose significant danger until that point – after calling our pros for service, you should go to the circuit breaker box and turn off power to this area until we arrive.

Regular Breaker Issues

Another area we noted in part one was the circuit breaker. If you’re in a large building, you should expect the occasional trip of your breaker from time to time, and simple repairs will usually remedy any resulting issues.

If, on the other hand, your breaker is repeatedly experiencing blown fuses or trips, especially to the same area, it’s a sign of something more significant. Usually it means your building requires more power, which means the breaker and possibly other elements will need to be replaced.

Constant Flickering

Once again, as we noted in part one, occasional light flickering isn’t usually a big issue – it’s often due to simple issues like a light bulb that isn’t screwed in all the way. However, if a light or group of lights continues to flicker or dim even after you’ve checked basic connections, this could be due too frayed or broken wires that need to be replaced.

For more on choosing repairs versus replacement for your commercial electrical areas, or to learn about any of our commercial electrician services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.

Commercial Electrical Issues: When to Repair

Many commercial electrical systems are somewhat complex and detailed, and as such it’s not unusual for the occasional glitch to take place. At what point, though, do repeated such glitches in a common area signal a potential need to replace a certain component, wire or other element in your commercial system rather than a basic repair need?

At Orange Electric, we’re here to help commercial building owners with a variety of needs, from basic commercial electrical repair services to several replacements, such as lighting installations and more. Our electricians are also happy to evaluate issues taking place in your building and determine the most cost-effective source of action. Is it repair or replacement in your case? In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over several specific situations you may encounter and which they signal is necessary – part one here is on situations that often can be handled with prudent repairs.

commercial electrical issues repair

Warm Spots

Warm spots you find on your walls or light switches in your building are potential signs of short-circuits in your wires, which can be dangerous due to fire risks posed. In many cases, this takes place due to older or worn-down wires fraying away their insulation, which exposes the actual wire and often allows a vented current to be run into a beam, drywall or another area connected to your structure.

Luckily, temporary warm spots can pretty easily be repaired by our commercial electricians. If you notice this issue taking place repeatedly in the same area, however, a different course of action may be needed.

Note: If you have dimmer switches in your home, these sometimes warm up a little as part of their normal operation. Do not be concerned here unless they are extremely warm or even hot.

Limited Breaker Issues

Another area that may experience occasional glitches in a large commercial setting is the building’s circuit breaker. If this happens once in a while to the same circuit, you should call our pros for repair. In part two, however, we’ll go over other breaker issues that might require a replacement.


Have you begun to notice a burning or acrid smell somewhere in your building? This may indicate an electrical fire touched off by some kind of minor issue like a blown fuse – the immediate attention here should be paid to any fire risks, which can spread quickly. Once these are addressed, however, a simple repair will usually stop this from happening again.

Temporary Flickering

If your lights are flickering, you should first attempt basic DIY fixes. Make sure the bulb is tightened and slotted in properly, for one, as you’d be surprised how often this is the cause of flickering lights. If you’ve confirmed this and the same light or group of lights continues to flicker, you could be dealing with other issues that require professional attention.

For more on repair versus replacement for commercial electrical needs, or to learn about any of our commercial electrical services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.