Basic Services Offered by a Commercial Electrician

Running a business is no walk in the park, especially for those who own and operate a commercial building. There are several areas where hiring out to a strong contractor is generally the prudent move, and commercial electrical needs are a great example.

At Orange Electric, we’re proud to offer a huge range of commercial electrical services for our clients, from basic electrical repair needs to electrical wiring, brand-new electrical build-outs and much more. What exactly does a commercial electrician do, and what are some of the top practical reasons to ensure you have a strong partnership with a quality commercial electrical company? Here are a few basics to understand.

basic services commercial electrician

Broad Definition

Generally speaking, a commercial electrician is a professional who can cover all your electrical needs on a commercial property. These needs are generally a bit more detailed than residential ones, involving larger buildings and different wiring, safety and related factors. This means that commercial electricians must be especially attentive to their continued training and knowledge of modern electrical developments.

General Lighting Needs

Perhaps the single most common and regular need for a commercial electrician is within the realm of lighting. No commercial building can function without proper lighting, so this need is pretty much universal.

Some building owners might think this is an easy area, but let us set the record straight. Especially when it comes to new builds or setting up lighting for a larger room or area, this is no simple job. Commercial lighting systems are often interconnected in unique ways not found in homes, and having the expertise of a professional electrician on your side as this process is completed holds major value, both in the quality of the job and in the safety of the installation or repair.

Wiring Concerns

Another major commercial electrical area, both for lighting and other needs, is wiring. Wiring serves as the invisible foundation of your building’s electrical components, connecting them in unseen ways and allowing for the proper integration between them.

If wiring is not done well, however, your issues will be plentiful. A professional wiring job sets the table for all your other components working and interacting properly – in addition, our wiring professionals will take careful notes and document their work precisely so future upgrades or updates can be made easily.


Finally, no matter where your building is located, it falls under some level of local regulations for basic electrical code compliance, which refers to both safety and practical themes. Achieving compliance with these codes and regulations is exponentially easier with a quality commercial electrician, who understands these requirements in their area and has experience helping clients reach compliance.

For more on what a commercial electrician does for you, or to learn about any of our electrical services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.