Basics and Benefits of Commercial Energy Audits, Part 1

If you’re the owner, building manager or any other kind of management figure within a commercial building or facility of any kind, keeping operating costs within manageable ranges is generally a top priority. There are several areas to keep a close eye on within this realm, and one key such area is the amount of energy your building is using and the resulting costs that come from this energy usage.

At Orange Electric, we’re proud to offer a variety of certified commercial electrician services to businesses throughout Utah. We assist commercial building managers with everything from understanding their basic electric and energy needs and costs up to emergency response and build-outs of new electrical systems when needed. One service we’re happy to perform is called by several names throughout the industry, but one of the most common is known as a commercial energy audit – this two-part blog will go over what this is, how it works and how your business stands to benefit in multiple ways from an energy audit.

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Businesses, Energy and Operating Expenses

As we noted above, business owners and managers are regularly concerned with limiting operating costs within reason. One of the single largest areas that makes up a commercial facility’s operating costs is its energy consumption, which can vary incredibly widely between business types – an office space with numerous computers, monitors and other electrical devices is likely to use more energy than, say, a massage parlor. In fact, an average of roughly one-third of all business operating costs can generally be traced back to energy consumption.

Commercial Energy Audit Basics

A commercial energy audit, then, is a process that allows building owners and managers a greater understanding of their energy consumption and whether it’s efficient. The audit involves a professional electrician evaluating how efficiently the building in question is using energy, allowing owners and managers to note areas that are not efficient and consider tweaks to them.

Energy Audit Process

The process of a commercial energy audit is simple:

  • A professional will come to your facility as scheduled.
  • The professional will look at numerous areas of energy consumption data, including utility bills, on-site survey areas, equipment performance and runtime, building conditions, operating schedules and any other relevant themes.
  • After reviewing each of the factors listed above, plus potentially others depending on your building, the auditor will present the results while also recommending various cost-effective solutions to maximize energy efficiency. They may identify certain areas that are using outsized amounts of energy and suggest tips for reducing this usage without impacting important areas of your business or valuable safety procedures.

In part two of our series, we’ll go over the numerous benefits commercial energy audits offer to your business. To learn more about this or any of the services offered by our commercial electrical contractors, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.