Basics and Benefits of Commercial Energy Audits, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics and potential benefits of commercial energy audits to businesses. Commercial energy audits involve a professional electrician or related auditor assessing your building’s energy usage and costs, determining if there are areas where you can limit your costs or become more efficient to save money and potentially bring about several other direct benefits.

At Orange Electric, our commercial electrical contractors are happy to offer a wide variety of services to a variety of Utah businesses, including energy audits and help with resulting tweaks you want to make to help limit energy costs. In today’s part two, we’ll go over several specific benefits a commercial energy audit can bring to your business.

basics benefits commercial energy audits

Cost Savings

The first and largest benefit here for many business owners is the cost savings commonly associated with a commercial energy audit. Particularly for businesses who have had no such audit or examination of their electric and other energy costs in many years, owners and managers are often shocked at how inefficient their electrical system and output are – and how much they can save by just making a few basic tweaks based on our recommendations.

In fact, the average commercial building today wastes about 30% of all its energy dollars. This means you can achieve huge savings if you identify inefficient areas and work to improve them.

Employee Health, Safety and Comfort

Another major benefit of a commercial energy audit is the way it often identifies potentially dangerous issues within the electrical system. This is especially true in older office buildings, which often contain health or safety hazards like carbon monoxide leaks, radon leaks, poorly-vented combustion equipment or several other potential issues that could risk employee safety and even create liability concerns. An auditor will pick up on these issues and suggest remedies for them.

Environmental Benefits

You aren’t only benefitting your business and its employees by conducting a commercial energy audit – you’re also helping the environment. By reducing energy usage and finding more efficient ways to maximize your output, you help limit your carbon footprint and help build toward a better future.


Finally, there are many cases where various rebates and tax credits could be available toward your commercial energy audit. Such incentives may come from the US Small Business Administration or from several other groups involved with natural resource conservations, which you’re helping achieve when you perform such an audit and move forward with the auditor’s recommendations on becoming more energy-efficient.

For more on commercial energy audits or any of our related electrical contractor services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.