Commercial Electrical Sustainability: Audit, Bulbs and Power Down

There are numerous areas of the modern world where sustainability has become a more important theme over the last couple decades, and the electrical realm is no exception. This is a particularly interesting field with regard to environmental friendliness and sustainability – not only are these robust goals to aspire to, they also tend to feature the same kinds of practices that will also save your business money.

At Orange Electric, we’re proud to offer a wide array of commercial electrician services, including everything from basic installations of simple electrical components to large-scale repairs or build-outs as-needed. We’ve helped numerous clients not only become more sustainable with their building’s electrical practices, but also save significant funds on their energy bill in the process. This two-part blog series will go over several of the top themes for building owners or managers to keep in mind when it comes to a sustainable electrical setup.

commercial electrical sustainability bulbs

Energy Audit

One regular appointment you should be scheduling, often in coordination with your basic building inspection, is at least a once-yearly energy audit. This audit, performed by our commercial electricians, involves us examining every relevant area of your electrical setup, from the simple connections to the total power output your system is generating.

We’ll also look for irregularities, such as systems that have improper wiring setups or those where power is being throttled in certain areas. This audit will allow us to recommend various efficiency upgrades that not only save you money, but limit the amount of power and energy you’re using to meet your needs.

Basic Power-Down

Perhaps the single simplest technique building owners or managers can take to limit their electrical costs and footprint: Turn devices off when they aren’t in use, particularly overnight. There’s simply no need to leave computers and huge numbers of lights on during the wee evening hours when no one is in the office, especially in today’s modern times where bright lights are not necessary for security (modern cameras use night-vision and high-quality lenses). Assess your various power usage areas, particularly after-hours and over the weekends, and look for ways you can save during these hours.

LED Bulbs

For the most cost-effective bulb option that’s also ideal in terms of carbon footprint, modern offices and commercial settings should be making the switch to LED bulbs if they haven’t already. These bulbs are both long-lasting and extremely efficient, requiring far less power than previous bulb types to provide the same level of lighting. They’re also durable and require very little maintenance, a major factor for owners or managers of large commercial facilities.

For more on how to make your commercial electrical setup more sustainable, or to learn about any of our commercial electrician services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.