Commercial Electrical Sustainability: Natural Light, Metering

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how owners or managers of commercial buildings can maintain quality electrical service and components for their building while also being environmentally conscious. Sustainability is a big theme for many businesses, both for themes based on public goodwill and business cost savings, and there are several ways you can promote this area within your standard electrical operations.

At Orange Electric, we’re proud to provide a wide range of commercial electrical services to all our clients, including several sustainability themes and related areas. We’ll help you maintain all the requisite electricity needs, but do so in ways that limit your footprint and your costs simultaneously. Part two of our series will dig into some other tips we regularly offer commercial clients in this realm.

commercial electrical sustainability metering

Natural Lighting or Heating

One of the primary uses of electricity within commercial buildings is for lighting purposes, and one of the simplest ways to limit your footprint while also saving yourself money is to supplement this lighting with natural sources. As long as your building has plenty of windows where the sun’s light can be let in, this can be a major asset for numerous offices, rooms and areas of the building, allowing you to scale back the lighting that’s used during many periods of the day.

Similar themes go for heating, as well, though this is more of an HVAC area than electric (and is also a bit more limited). Letting the sun warm up a space during the cooler parts of the year will save some work for the furnace or heating system, and again will save you money.


One major part of maintaining sustainability in a given building: Tracking your energy usage and how it fluctuates throughout a given month, period of months or even a year. There are several forms of metering that can be utilized here within the electricity realm even beyond your standard utility bill, allowing you to have a clear idea of your energy costs and where you might be able to save or update your usage. Speak to our team about metering options for your building.

Energy Retrofit

Finally, for those who truly want to go the extra mile when it comes to sustainability and energy savings, an energy retrofit involves analyzing your entire building and finding larger cost savings areas than a traditional energy audit. We’ll assess multiple systems as part of a comprehensive package, from energy usage equipment to air sealing, ventilation, solar control and more – helping you find opportunities to retrofit the building in smart, sustainable ways.

For more on how to maintain energy sustainability in your building, or to learn about any of our commercial electrical services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.