Finding a Commercial Electrician: Company Qualities

Like with any other major building-related service, property owners or managers are fully justified in researching several options when looking for a commercial electrician. Evaluating multiple potential electrical contractors is a valuable way to compare qualities, costs and other factors to find the best partner for your building and company.

At Orange Electric, we’re happy to help any prospective client compare our commercial electric services with any of our local or national competitors – both because we care about the long-term success of our clients and because we feel we’re most often the best company to meet those needs. What are some of the top indicators of a quality commercial electrician you should be looking for? We’ll evaluate all the potential factors in this two-part blog series for your consumption.

finding commercial electrician company

Not Just Dabbling

For starters, any electrician you’re considering hiring for a commercial job should have dedicated commercial services. There are some electricians out there who deal almost exclusively with residential jobs, but will occasionally take on commercial work as well – these should be avoided, as commercial work is much more complex and requires not only expertise, but continued training from an electrician.

Rather, you should prioritize an electrical contractor with dedicated, separate commercial and residential services. At Orange Electric, our commercial electricians don’t split their time between residential and commercial jobs – they focus only on the kinds of complex needs business owners and their facilities will have.


Like with any other major property service you’re hiring out for, the experience of the contractors doing the work is a top priority. As we noted above, commercial electrical work requires detailed care and expertise – if you’re dealing with a first-timer or an amateur electrician, these boxes aren’t likely to be checked. Instead of getting long-term quality electrical services, you may deal with flawed jobs that require constant repairs and hassle.

Insurance and Liability Coverage

One area that should be an automatic “no” for any commercial electrician you’re considering: If they do not have proper insurance and liability coverage for all their work performed. Electrical work comes with some basic hazards that are simply part of the job, and it’s an absolute must for any electrician to carry the proper coverage in case there are issues. If you agree to work with any contractor who does not have this coverage and an accident or some other kind of problem does take place, there’s a chance you could be held liable for the problem even if you were not responsible for it whatsoever.

For more on the qualities to promote in a commercial electrician, or to learn about any of our commercial electric repairs, installations or other services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.