How a Commercial Electrician Can Reduce Your Business Energy Costs

You may not give your energy costs much thought, as every business owner has a monthly electric bill. But the fact is, an experienced commercial electrician can help reduce the amount you have to pay for electricity.

Depending upon the size of your facility and the nature of your business operations, energy efficiency improvements could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month. Here’s a look at three ways a commercial electrical contractor can provide you with short-term and long-term energy savings.

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Motion Detecting Lights

Common sense tells us to turn off the lights when we leave a room, but in the business setting, this is easy to forget – and leaving all of the lights running at all hours adds up to high energy costs.

Motion detecting lights are an ideal solution, and you can have a commercial electrician install them in any room or area that doesn’t get constant use. With lighting that automatically shuts off when no one is present, your monthly electric bill will drop.

Professional Lighting Retrofit

For many businesses, lighting makes up a large portion of the monthly energy costs. Plus, inefficient lights create additional heat, leading to an increased need for air conditioning.

A commercial electrician can replace your current interior, exterior and parking garage lighting with options that use energy more efficiently. After a professional lighting retrofit, you’ll see dramatic savings and a speedy return on investment.

Programmable Thermostat

When no one is at the workplace, having the heat or air conditioning running doesn’t really make sense. But many business owners leave it on anyway to keep the temperature constant, and that results in greater energy costs.

By installing a programmable thermostat, a commercial electrician can give you the power to easily control the temperature at your business building. You can set the HVAC system to kick in an hour or so before employees arrive and shut off after everyone leaves for the day, and you’ll no longer be paying for energy you don’t need.

Cutting Your Business Energy Costs

Though motion detecting lights, a professional lighting retrofit and a programmable thermostat can provide you with significant energy savings, those aren’t the only approaches to maximizing efficiency and reducing your monthly costs.

An experienced commercial electrician can provide you with a complete electrical system inspection, identifying areas of energy loss and offering budget-friendly solutions to making your facility more efficient. For expert help in northern Utah, business owners trust the professional electrical contractors at Orange Electric.

We have extensive experience designing and installing efficient electrical systems for new commercial properties in the greater Salt Lake City area, and we also have the skill to complete retrofits and repairs for existing business buildings. For more information on how the Orange Electric team can reduce your business energy costs, or to schedule a free commercial electrician consultation, contact our West Jordan, Utah, office today.