Importance of Wiring in Commercial Electrical Upgrades

There are numerous factors you might be evaluating when it comes to your commercial electrical needs, and wiring will always be on this list. Particularly for growing companies considering expansion, either within their facility or to a new one, ensuring the quality and coordination of wiring is one of the key tasks here.

At Orange Electric, we’re proud to offer a wide range of commercial electrician services, from any repairs or upgrades you require in your current building to assistance with new electrical builds and setups, plus numerous areas in between. When it comes to expanding industrial or commercial facilities, here are a few of the specifics we’ll often advise you on when it comes to wiring, future planning and the role our electricians will take in this process.

wiring commercial electrical upgrades

Problems With “Future-Proof” Wiring

For those making future plans for their facility with electricity and wiring in mind, a common term you might hear in the industry is “future-proof” wiring. The idea here is somewhat apparent: Modern building owners are looking for wiring solutions that won’t simply be obsolete in a decade, forcing more changes if they want to upgrade.

The issue with this term, however, is that electrical wiring technology is advancing quite quickly. This isn’t to say there’s nothing you can do to plan for the future – we’ll go over several areas you can hit in just a moment – but more than “future-proof” wiring really isn’t a thing at this point in time. That said, we’ll point you toward the latest and most prudent form of wiring for any upgrade or new build you’re considering through our electricians.

Planning for the Future

Once again, just because there’s not really any such thing as future-proof wiring today doesn’t mean you can’t take some robust planning steps in this area. There are numerous wiring best practices that will be carried out by our electricians, vital practices for standardizing connections and ensuring the system performs optimally.

One of these might include circuit conductor performance evaluations, for instance. If a given circuit in your building has too many receptacles, it may risk the integrity of certain electronics or appliances. If this is an issue for your expansion or upgrade, we may install dedicated circuits for high-capacity or sensitive equipment. In addition, there are several other areas where we’ll work with you to ensure wires are well set-up for the future.

Working With Professionals

The realm of wiring is one area that helps make clear the value of working with professional electrical contractors for your commercial needs. Not only is attempting to upgrade wiring on your own incredibly dangerous if you don’t have the proper training, it will also risk the long-term viability of your setup and may even create significant dangers in the building, including fire risks.

For more on the importance of wiring in any commercial electrical upgrade, or to learn about any of our commercial electrician services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.