Info on Hard-Wired Smoke Alarms for Commercial Buildings

At Orange Electric, we’re proud to offer a variety of both basic and complex commercial electrician services for your building. We offer comprehensive services here, covering everything from basic installations to emergency response and numerous areas in between.

One of the simple but vital areas we’ll assist you with is the installation and maintenance of quality smoke detectors and alarms in your building. These are important safety devices that often save lives, allowing for advanced notice on fire issues that can also prevent major areas of damage. Today’s blog will go over the benefits of hard-wired smoke alarms compared to older battery-powered options, plus the risks of self-installing such options.

hard-wired smoke alarms commercial

Why Wired Smoke Alarms Are Best

While battery-powered smoke alarms are cheaper up front, hard-wired options are the best bet when it comes to overall quality, safety and even long-term value. This is for a few important reasons:

  • Safety: First and foremost, hard-wired alarms are simply the higher-quality product and are much safer. They have stronger and more durable parts that last longer, make more effective sounds and are generally more dependable for their basic services.
  • Limited maintenance: Beyond just swapping batteries every few months, battery-powered alarms often come with other areas of maintenance, including faulty systems that require resets more often. Hard-wired alarms do not need batteries and don’t come with anywhere near the level of maintenance required.
  • Interconnection: With hard-wired systems, you can chain all your building’s smoke alarms together into a single system. When a single alarm goes off, so does every alarm in the entire building. Everyone working in the building will be notified of the risk and will have the proper time to evacuate.

Risks of Self-Installing Wired Smoke Alarms

Now, if you don’t already have hard-wired smoke detectors and alarms in your building, we highly recommend leaving this installation to our pros. Unlike battery-powered alarms, which are simpler and have no wiring, the process of installing such alarms is a bit more complex. Here are some risks you expose yourself to if you attempt to do this yourself:

  • Injury: If you don’t have specific electrical training, you risk shocking yourself, burning yourself or even starting a fire in your building. Alarm wiring requires precision and training, and only those with this training should perform it.
  • Wasted time: Even if you somehow manage to perform this task safely, it may take you days or even weeks – that’s compared to an hour or two for our certified electricians.
  • Wasted money: In addition to wasting your time, any small mistake made during this process may also cost you money through damage to other appliances or electrical issues you have to have repaired as a result of the problems caused.

For more on wired smoke alarms, or to learn about any of our commercial electrical repair or maintenance services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.