Is Backup Generator Installation a Good Idea for Your Utah Business?

Many Utah business owners are choosing to invest in backup generators to have a source of electrical power when the utility grid goes down. Few things are as disruptive to everyday business operations as a power outage, and having a standby generator means not having to worry about grid failures.

That said, the decision to install an emergency backup generator requires careful thought. Below, the professional team at Orange Electric explains what you need to know to determine if your business can benefit from standby generator installation.

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Pros and Cons of Installing a Backup Generator

Standby generators offer several advantages to Utah business owners.

Power outages are occurring more frequently now than they did decades ago, largely because of the aging grid infrastructure. With a generator, blackouts are no longer a concern. As a result, installing one can:

  • Ensure your business remains operational when the grid goes down
  • Give you an edge over competitors who remain without power
  • Keep your current clients or customers satisfied with your service
  • Attract new clients or customers looking for open businesses
  • Prevent you from losing revenue and, potentially, increase your profits
  • Avoid problems like lost business data and downed security systems

In addition, with a backup generator, you won’t have to contend with the whole employee issue. You know the dilemma a blackout presents – do you send everyone home or pay them to sit around and wait for the electricity to come back on?

As for the drawbacks, we can only think of two. First, for some business owners, the cost of installation can strain the budget. And second, generators need fuel, which can be pricey. But, with the many benefits of having a standby generator, these may be minor challenges.

Considerations in Installing a Backup Generator

If you decide to install a standby generator, you’ll need to take certain steps. These include:

  • Permitting – Your business may need to obtain an installation permit before the project begins
  • Location – You’ll need to find a flat outdoor space to place the generator, and you may want partition walls or hedges to hide it from sight.
  • Size – Consider your power demand, and make sure the model you select can meet your electricity needs.
  • Fuel – Generators can be easily refueled with piped-in natural gas, or you can choose a unit that uses liquid propane or diesel.

Planning Your Backup Generator Installation

The easiest route to take when planning backup generator installation is to work with an experienced commercial electrical contractor.

An expert can offer assistance in choosing a generator that’s sized to provide your business with sufficient power. You’ll also have help selecting the ideal location for the unit, and you won’t have to deal with permitting. In short, the installation process will go smoothly, and you’ll have a reliable standby power source for your business.

Orange Electric, serving clients in the greater Salt Lake City area, offers free consultations and backup generator cost estimates to business owners. To meet with one of our commercial electrical contractors, contact our West Jordan, Utah, office today.