Lighting Specialists Help You Make Good Lighting Design Decisions

You don’t want just an electrician; you want a lighting specialist. You can depend on these professionals to help you make key lighting design choices that can have a powerful effect on the atmosphere in your home or office.

When a room goes from not enough or too much light to just right, the effect is astounding. The change can transform the space. There is a lot to know about lighting design, and your lighting specialist is full of advice and ideas.

lighting specialist

More Isn’t Always Better

It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to lighting. Before you start planning where the 15 recessed lights will go in your living room, talk to a lighting specialist. More light isn’t always the answer.

With lighting, you’re going for mood. It’s important to think about the vibe you want to create, then consider which light fixtures will fit the room’s design and contribute the right amount of light. Too much is as bad as too little.

You Need Task Lighting

It’s not just about making your rooms bright, it’s about making them functional. Think about the kitchen. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen hosting guests and preparing meals, so you want it bright and full of light. But more importantly, when you are busy chopping vegetables and washing dishes, so you need to see what you’re doing.

Task lighting is sometimes overlooked, to the detriment of your eyes and your overall enjoyment of your space. Make sure you have light sources directed at your workspaces — a lighting specialist like our team at Orange Electric can help you.

Custom Dimmers Give You Control

Sometimes you want all lights on full strength, other times you’re looking to set the mood. You can take control of your light sources (and your electric bill) by installing custom dimmers. Modern technology even allows you to control dimmers from your smartphone. Talk to our lighting specialist team for more information.

Well-Placed Switches Are Essential

You can’t install light switches just anywhere — they have to mesh with the room’s design and light source locations. This is another task that your lighting specialist should handle so you don’t have to move your light switches.

Bring Light to Dark Spaces

When you’re focused on lighting your main living spaces, don’t forget the less busy areas. Spaces like the closet, hallways and crawl spaces still need light, even if you aren’t spending time in them.

Depend on Orange Electric to help you make smart, strategic lighting choices. We’re your local Utah lighting specialist team, available to help you today!