Numerous Benefits of Motion-Activated Outdoor Lighting

If you’re redesigning parts of your outdoor landscape or even just looking to switch out older outdoor lighting options for newer ones, you’ll have several options at your disposal. One such option, and one that’s growing in popularity, is motion-activated lighting.

At Orange Electric, we can help you with a wide variety of lighting installations, including motion-activated options, as part of our residential and commercial electrical services. And while the primary marketing tool for these lighting options is to present them as home security options, there are actually several other benefits they provide as well. Let’s look these over and discuss why installing motion-activated lighting might be the right call for you.

benefits motion-activated outdoor lighting

Personal Safety

While home security is indeed a large benefit of motion-activated lighting systems, it’s not actually the primary area they’re used for. Rather, the single most common use of these lights isn’t to single out burglars or other unsavory characters – but instead, to help light the way for people who actually live in the home.

Many people don’t realize it, but trips and falls are some of the most common home injuries out there. They often take place at night when we attempt to go outside for a variety of tasks, from taking out the trash to bringing a pet inside. With motion-activated lighting, however, you’ll get a nice illuminated area where you can safely do whatever you need to do and not risk injury.

Home Security

As we’ve noted, home security is a big selling point for these motion-activated lights, and with good reason. A huge percentage of vandals, burglars and others will be warded off by lights that turn on anytime they happen to enter your property. While we don’t recommend using these lights as your only form of home security, they’re absolutely a valuable piece of an overall system that should also include home alarms and other areas.

Bulb Preservation

If you’re looking to save minor costs in several home areas, motion-activated lights might help. They use less bulb power since they’re not on all the time, and they require fewer replacements to both bulbs and fixtures over time.

Energy Savings

Down similar lines, using motion-activated lights saves energy. Outdoor lights on a time clock or that are activated by darkness, and especially decorative lights, use a huge amount of power and can raise your energy costs by significant amounts each month. Motion lights are usually off, on the other hand, only coming on when they’re needed and serving as far greener and more cost-effective options.

For more on the benefits of installing motion-activated lighting, or to learn about any of our electrical services, speak to the pros at Orange Electric today.