Preparing for and Responding to Power Outages


preparing responding power outages Most of us have dealt with a few power outages in our time, and for the most part these are annoying and often frustrating events. It’s important to note, however, that power outages may also be potentially dangerous if not managed correctly, and t ...

Risks of Ungrounded Vs. Grounded Electrical Outlets


ungrounded grounded electrical outlets At Orange Electric, our top priority when performing any residential or commercial electrical service or installation will always be safety. Electrical repairs and installations involve dealing with a volatile and potentially dangerous element if not ...

Lighting Specialists Help You Make Good Lighting Design Decisions


lighting specialist utah You don’t want just an electrician; you want a lighting specialist. You can depend on these professionals to help you make key lighting design choices that can have a powerful effect on the atmosphere in your home or office. When a room goes from n ...