Power Strip Usage Tips for Commercial Buildings

At Orange Electric, we’re proud to serve as your full-service commercial electrician. We’ll handle everything from basic hookups and connections to entire system overhauls for any commercial business type and size, ensuring your space is both properly-powered and fully safe at all times.

We’re also here to offer expertise on electrical usage and maintenance, vital areas for everything from maintaining safety to keeping your company’s electrical bill in a reasonable range each month. One of the most common areas we’re asked about here: What are the proper ways to use – and not use – a power strip within a building? Here are some general tips to consider in this area.

power strip tips commercial buildings

Proper Rating for Usage

For starters, it’s vital to make sure any power strip you’re using is the proper type for the use in question. This begins with making sure it has enough plugs for your needs, and continues with an understanding of the wattage that will be placed in it. Depending on this level, you may want a basic office strip or something more significant like an industrial strip.

Avoid Multiple Strip Plugging

We’ve talked in this space in the past about preventing electrical fires in your commercial building, and one of the top recommendations we can offer here is never plugging one power strip into another to extend the range. This is a quick way to trigger an electrical fire, which can spiral into a massive issue involving employee safety and liability concerns. Do not allow this to happen within your commercial building for any reason.

Air Flow

When using power strips, it’s important to allow them basic air flow to keep them cool. Covering strips or even their cords with cloth, fabric or even tape could lead to them overheating, another electrical fire risk you do not want to mess with.

Usage Limits

Generally speaking, power strips are not meant to be used as permanent electrical devices. They’re meant as temporary stop-gaps when you can’t access a specific outlet, and you should consider long-term solutions if you find yourself using a power strip daily.

Upgrade to Surge Protectors

One big theme here: Power strips differ from surge protectors, which perform the same electrical splitting duties while also protecting appliances against surges. Surge protectors can absolutely be used as permanent conductors, while power strips should not be. If you find yourself using power strips for anything more than just occasional needs, take the time to replace them with surge protectors to keep your space much safer while accomplishing the same overall conductivity results.

For more on the proper, safe usage of power strips and surge protectors, or to learn about any of our commercial electrical contractor services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.