Signs and Actions for Commercial Electrical Emergencies, Part 1

Both within residential and commercial buildings, being prepared in case of an electrical emergency is a vital task for building owners or managers. While such emergencies are rare, especially for structures with proper electrical servicing and maintenance, they can still take place in certain situations and you’ll be at far higher risk if you haven’t readied yourself and the structure.

At Orange Electric, we’re here to provide a variety of commercial electrician services, including emergency solutions ranging from emergency backup generator installation to several other emergency preparedness areas. Why is electrical emergency preparedness important, and what are some of the common signs that such an emergency might be taking place? In this two-part blog, we’ll go over all these areas plus dig into several common electrical emergencies and what you should do if you’ve confirmed they’re taking place.

signs commercial electrical emergencies

Importance of Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness within the electrical realm is important first and foremost for safety reasons. Commercial buildings often house numerous people at once, and electrical emergencies that have not been prepared for could put numerous individuals at risk.

However, being prepared for an electrical emergency has value beyond this primary area as well. A building that has proper emergency preparedness solutions in place will be at far lower risk of injury or property damage, for one, which limits liability concerns for building owners. In addition, emergency preparedness and awareness often includes minor areas of upkeep or maintenance that allow you to prevent minor issues from growing into larger ones over time.

Common Signs of Electrical Emergency

One of the top areas when it comes to electrical emergency preparedness: Understanding the potential signs of an emergency and when you should take further action. Such signs may include:

  • Heat from panels: If you try to turn on a light and notice the panel is hot to the touch, this is an early sign of a potential problem. It could mean a variety of wiring issues taking place, including those that could pose fire risks.
  • Burning smell: A burning odor from any electrical area, whether it’s a wall or outlet, cord, appliance or any other, is also a sign of a potential emergency. Unplug devices immediately and make sure everyone present in the structure is aware of the potential hazard while awaiting service from our pros.
  • Power outage: In many cases, a power outage can be explained in a way that does not signal an emergency. However, there are some others where such an explanation is not readily available – in this case, be very careful and contact our team of electricians before taking further action.
  • Carbon monoxide: Another potentially dangerous electrical-related emergency is carbon monoxide poisoning, which you may not notice until people in the building have physical symptoms like dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath and blurred vision. This is why all homes and buildings must have carbon monoxide detectors that are checked regularly for battery life.

For more on signs of a potential electrical emergency, or to learn about any of our commercial electrical services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.