Salt Lake City Dimmer and Light Switch Services

We can handle all your light switch repair and upgrade needs in Salt Lake County — call us today!

If you notice that your light switches are malfunctioning or simply not working at all, reach out to our team at Orange Electric. Our licensed and certified electricians provide professional repair, replacement, and installation solutions to commercial and industrial clients in Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding areas. Whether you only need one switch fixed or the entire building retrofitted with brand-new dimmers, we have you covered.

Improve your business’s security by adding motion sensor lights to your outdoor lighting system.

Why Should You Replace Your Dimmer Light Switch?

Getting a dimmer light switch replaced has multiple aesthetic and functional benefits. Dimmers allow you to adjust the overall brightness of your lighting fixtures according to your mood. You can create a warm, cozy ambiance or bright lighting to stimulate productivity.

Dimmers also help save energy. In well-lit rooms that utilize natural light, you can reduce the brightness to keep your energy consumption to a minimum. A dimmer switch can help you avoid overloading your lighting system, too, thus prolonging your fixtures’ lifespan.

Signs You Need to Call for Light Switch Repair

Do your light switches take a few clicks to work? Malfunctioning light switches are not only inconvenient, but they also indicate underlying issues that might cause more expensive or even dangerous complications if left unaddressed.

Call our repair team right away if you notice:

  • Switches not turning on the light fixtures.
  • Delayed response from light fixtures when you flip the switch.
  • Grounded switch causing minor electrical shocks.
  • Unusual heat or noise from light switch.
  • Visible signs of deterioration.

We have the skills and equipment to repair various light switches, such as binary, toggle, pole-receptacle combo, rocker, and dimmer switches.

Do your breakers keep tripping? Schedule electrical panel repairs so we can address the underlying issues that are overloading your system.

Turn to Us for Dimmer and Light Switch Replacement Solutions in Salt Lake City

Some home and business owners attempt to repair or replace their light switches themselves to save money. However, a DIY approach doesn’t always guarantee the best results. Bear in mind that electrical fixtures consist of complex, intricate wiring, panels, and numerous other components. Tampering with these systems can have grave consequences.

Even if the switches initially function correctly, you can’t guarantee that DIY repairs and installations will last. To ensure the quality and reliability of your light switches, turn to our professionals at Orange Electric.

Customers continue to trust us for our versatile solutions. We train and equip technicians to repair, replace, and upgrade any light switch, from standard options to modern dimmer switches. We will work closely with you to identify what meets your specific lighting fixture needs.

Call our team at Orange Electric at 801-998-2434 for dimmer switch replacement or light switch repair services. We primarily cater to commercial and industrial customers in and around Salt Lake City, UT, but we can also take on minor home repairs.