Electrician in Park City, Utah

When you need a residential or commercial Utah electrical contractor in the Park City area, rely on the experienced, professional team at Orange Electric. All our electricians are licensed and highly trained, so they’re qualified to perform all electrical work — no job is too big or too small for us.

Licensed Electricians for New Builds

When you’re building a new home, putting on an addition or erecting a commercial building in Park City, you need an electrical contractor to rough in the wiring. Orange Electric is the team to call for complete electrical services for new builds.

When wiring a new building, electricians must work with building contractors and owners to learn how the space will be used in order to install the wiring correctly. Have you ever moved into an old home or apartment building to discover there are only one or two outlets per room? And they may not even be modern outlets? It’s important for electricians to not only install wiring that adequately meets occupants’ needs, but also to anticipate the needs that may come up in the future.

There is a standard for wiring homes in Park City, Utah, but we also ask customers about their individual needs. For instance, will they require special wiring for computer or stereo equipment, large appliances or gym equipment such as a treadmill, elliptical or stair climber?

The same goes for businesses. As industrial electricians, it’s our job to know what type of wiring you need to power your business, whether it’s an insurance office, hotel or manufacturing plant.

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Electrical Services in Utah

While Orange Electric handles big jobs throughout Park City, we also do small jobs, such as installing ceiling fans, lighting fixtures or GFCI circuit breakers in homes and businesses.

Although your home may have served your electrical needs well for a period of time, if you make a change, you may need to upgrade your wiring. Some items that require heavy-duty outlets include air conditioners, some large washing machines, water heaters, car chargers and gym equipment.

We also install backup generators for customers who can’t take a chance on going without electricity in a storm. These customers includes hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores and other businesses performing essential services. We even install small generators for residential customers who may simply want the convenience a home generator provides, or they may need it to operate medical equipment or other important devices.

Electrical Repairs

A big part of our job at Orange Electrical is performing residential and commercial electrical repairs. This is sometimes as simple as getting your doorbell working again to big jobs like getting your industrial machines back up and running.

Our Park City customers count on us for electrical repairs because we come quickly, and because they can be sure the job will be done right.

Orange Electric Serving Park City

Whatever your electrical needs are — residential, commercial or industrial; installation, inspection or repairs — call Orange Electric. We are the preferred electrical contractor in Park City, Utah. Contact us today.