Reliable Electrician in Murray, Utah

We prioritize the needs of Murray, Utah, residents by providing 24-hour electrical service. We are Murray’s electricians of choice because of our willingness to help families like yours stay safe in their homes. Each of our trained technicians is licensed and prepared to give you the best electrical service in the area.

Sometimes the fix isn’t as simple as you think. But Orange Electric alleviates the stress that comes with trying to assess a problem without proper knowledge. We quickly come up with solutions that will benefit your time and your wallet. The professionals at Orange Electric help you solve problems before they reach critical mass and become a potential threat to your family.

Our team knows the tricks of the trade, so you can rest assured that when we arrive at your home, we will quickly diagnose and correct any problems. We guarantee you that when our job is finished, your electrical system will be up to code.


Speedy Electrical Repairs Murray Residents Love

Whether your circuit breaker keeps tripping or your dryer runs forever and your clothes are still wet, we have the expertise to remedy the problem. When looking for an electrical contractor, only one should stay on top of mind with Utah customers: Orange Electric.

We not only repair what’s broken, but we also update your wiring and electrical system. We are masters of fixing bad wiring before it becomes hazardous. We also specialize in replacing those old outlets and fixtures in the basement bathroom.

Electrical Designs You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on having the integrity to keep your home safe from potential dangers. Rely on us to communicate with you honestly while still trying to tackle your design dreams.

We never make claims we can’t live up to. We make sure your home or business is safe by staying up to date on all the current industry standards.

Why Choose Us for Your Electrician Needs?

We will fix your electrical system, and it won’t cost you a fortune. We offer free estimates that are honest, and typically within your budget. We value your time. That’s why we are available 24/7 — just in case you need us.

We will get the ball rolling on your next project! If you’re ready to create a new electrical plan or you need a checkup, give us a call. We provide top-of-the-line service that Murray, Utah, residents rely on.