Expert Electrican in Lehi, Utah

Looking for a Lehi electrician you can rely on? Orange Electric has your back. When you call us, we answer. When you need solutions, we tackle problems head-on. There is no electrical challenge we can’t conquer, and we’re ready to help you today by providing both residential and commercial electrical services for your Lehi, Utah, home or business.

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From Troubleshooting to a New Lighting Design

Your stove won’t turn on. Your clothes dryer isn’t working. Your cooling system is malfunctioning, and you think it’s an electrical problem.

Your business’ security system isn’t responding. Your lights are flickering. You want to redesign the look of your lighting.

At home and at work, there are countless problems and puzzles that only a licensed electrician can fix. Make that licensed electrical contractor a professional you can count on after hours and on the weekend: Orange Electric.

Your Dependable Lehi Residential Electrician

A Lehi residential electrician that works for you, not for themselves — that’s what you’re looking for. That’s what you’ll find at Orange Electric.

We don’t dictate when and how we choose to respond to residential emergency electrical problems — we make ourselves available all the time for our Lehi clients.

Many electrical issues just can’t wait, such as cooling system problems in the middle of summer, or heating failure on a cold winter night. We don’t pick and choose when to be there for you. We’re always on the job.

Only Work with a Commercial Electrical Contractor You Can Trust

Your safety is of the utmost importance. That’s why quality residential electricity is vital. But that consideration extends to your commercial electrical system too. In fact, the safety of even more people depends on the streamlined superiority of your commercial electric setup. Who should you trust to troubleshoot, repair and install? We are the go-to commercial electrician in Lehi, Utah.

Commercial electric systems must abide by strict coding regulations, provide adequate lighting for all customer and employee spaces and service all the appliances needed to keep your business running. Sound complicated? It is, but our team members are licensed and trained to handle all the above without a hitch.

Why Orange Electric?

Why go with Orange? First, our straightforward quotes are an example of our honesty and trustworthiness. Our flexible service hours show how we put our clients first. And our long track record of success makes us the premier Lehi residential and commercial electrician for you!

Call us today and let’s talk solutions. We’re ready to help resolve any and all electrical issues at your home or business.