Reliable Electrician in Heber, Utah

When you’re looking for an electrical contractor for your home or business in Heber, Utah, or the surrounding area, turn to the responsive, professional team at Orange Electric. We’re the first choice in residential and commercial electricians for all types of installations and repairs.

Electrical Service for New Builds

Wiring a new building for electricity is a big job. Orange Electric is one of the most sought-out local companies for design-build electrical contracting services. Whether you’re building a home, apartment building, office or industrial facility, you can count on our team to make sure you are safely powered and connected.

Utah has standards for residential electricity, but with new builds, we always go beyond this and discuss our customers’ needs with them. Important questions to ask include whether you’ll be powering all your appliances with electricity or you will use natural gas as well, and whether you will need any special wiring beyond the ordinary, such as if you are planning to build a home theater or use other heavy-duty equipment that would be a big draw on the electric panel.

With some new builds, homeowners want to take the opportunity to wire several rooms with speakers for music or DSLs for stronger internet connections.

Many offices require wiring that supports dozens of computers as well as other equipment such as printers, projectors, copy machines and more. We also service commercial and public buildings as well.

If you’re planning a manufacturing or production facility or other type of business that requires heavy electrical loads such as an auto repair shop or a gym, we’re the industrial electricians to call.


Licensed Utah Electrical Contractors

Even though we handle some of the biggest jobs in the Heber area, we do small jobs too. If you need a special outlet in your home for your new clothes dryer or treadmill, you can call Orange Electric. If you’ve gone green and need a charger for your new electric car, we can install that too.

Some businesses in Heber call us for backup generator installation. Generators are critical for hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores and other service industries in the event of a storm that knocks out power. Residential customers also call us for backup generator installation, whether it’s for a medical reason or simply for convenience.

Electrical Repair

A big part of our job here at Orange Electric is performing residential and commercial repairs throughout Heber. If you have a faulty socket or a dead circuit in your home, it’s a major inconvenience. This isn’t a repair you should ever attempt to do on your own — always call a licensed electrician.

Businesses often have pressing electrical repair needs as well, including lighting and refrigeration issues, phone and cable line problems, and overloaded circuits.

Orange Electric Serving Heber

Whatever your electrical needs — installation, upgrades or repair for residential, commercial or industrial uses, Orange Electric can do the job. We’re licensed and insured, and our customers trust us to take care of their needs quickly, for a fair price. Call Orange Electric today.