Electric Vehicle Chargers


More and more Utah drivers are switching to electric vehicles to save money on gas or save the environment (or both), making electric vehicle charging stations in Salt Lake City a must-have for any commercial building or business today. These charging stations can offer you a competitive advantage to bring in more customers or help you fill commercial office space by offering amenities not available at other offices and retail spaces. City, state, and other municipal buildings can also benefit from offering electric vehicle charging units to employees and residents.

Electric Car in Charging Station


Where to Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Utah

Commercial charging stations for electric vehicles can be installed anywhere you want to attract people to shop, dine, work, and live.

  • Office buildings and complexes
  • Restaurants and retail shops
  • Parking garages
  • Hotels
  • College campuses
  • Multi-housing units (apartments, condos, townhomes)
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitals
  • Event venues
  • Government buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial fleet parking lots


Installing the Best EV Charging Stations

Choose high-quality chargers to attract tenants to your office or retail space, employees to your commercial building, or customers to your retail establishment. Businesses in Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Sandy, Ogden and throughout utah call on Orange Electric for the the best charging stations. Our charging stations offer:

  • Adequate charging power
  • Quick charge speeds
  • Universal compatibility with all EV models
  • Durability to withstand the outdoors and the weather
  • Energy efficiency and UL certification
  • Simple payment options (if you’re planning to charge for use)
  • Grid-connectivity to take advantage of local, state, and federal EV incentives

Have your chargers installed by qualified professional electricians at Orange Electric. Our level of service, proficiency, and experience in EV charger installation sets us apart from our competitors, ensuring the units installed are safe, reliable, and will work properly when your employees and customers need them.


Other Benefits of Commercial EV Chargers in Utah

In addition to the competitive edge these charging stations offer your business, installing electric vehicle chargers shows your customers and employees that you care about the environment and are taking steps toward a greener future. Amenities like EV charging stations in Utah can help you attract top talent and improve employee retention and satisfaction, all while achieving your corporate social responsibility goals as a leader in sustainability. Plus you can take advantage of any tax rebates and incentives from local, state, and federal programs when you install electric vehicle charging stations at your retail or commercial buildings.


Get EV Chargers Installed Today

Contact Orange Electric today to get your electric vehicle charging stations installed by top-quality professional electricians and take steps toward a sustainable future while gaining a competitive advantage for your commercial or retail business in Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Ogden, Sandy, and throughout Utah.