Electrical Panels and Meters

If you are just a regular Joe like the rest of us, the chance of understanding how your electrical meters and panels work is low. We are happy to give you some additional information or to help you fix any problems you might encounter with your electrical panels and meters.

Most homeowners are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with the idea of doing their own wiring or electrical work. Trying to rewire or create an electrical system by yourself is dangerous. Trust Orange Electric to address any problems with your panels and meters.

Electrical panels and meters

Electrical Meter and Panel Upgrades Throughout Utah

You should know where your electrical panels in case of a tripped circuit breaker. We help you plan where your panels and meters go for easy access if anything goes wrong.

We work with you to create the perfect electrical system before your home is even finished. When we make sure that your electrical system isn’t overloaded, your home will be safer and less prone to tripped circuits.

Many Utah homes don’t have modern electrical systems. We work with you to make sure that your electrical system can support the ever-growing number of devices that will be used in your home.

How to Spot Faulty Electrical Panels

Oftentimes, Utah families don’t even realize that their meters or panels are malfunctioning. A few simple ways to recognize malfunctioning panels and meters include cracking noises, overheating conductors or corrosion on the panels. If you notice any of these issues or if your electrical system hasn’t been evaluated in a few years, it’s time to call Orange Electric.

We know trying to spot issues with your electrical system can be an unsettling process. A simple rule to remember is that anytime you need a larger appliance installed (such as a refrigerator, washer or dryer), your panels should be updated.

We are always happy to assist in installing your new appliances. We help you save more energy in the long run with updated equipment.

We Are Utah’s Electrical Experts

With our help, making a switch can be simple and safe. We know that homeowners and business managers need someone in the area they can rely on for safe and effective electrical repair.

Protecting your home shouldn’t be limited to break-ins or natural disasters. If you have outdated electrical panels, your appliances lack the power they need to run efficiently, and this can cause overloads in your system.

Save yourself time and money by having your electrical panel evaluated to ensure that your home can support the electric needs of modern appliances. Call us today to assess your meters and panels.