Emergency Backup Generator Installation

Schedule your emergency backup generator installation with Orange Electric, and rest assured that no power failure will derail your business operations ever again.

Just moments after your business loses power, your standby generator will kick in, keeping your servers, HVAC system and lighting running until electricity is restored. Take a proactive approach and preserve your company’s productivity and profits by calling Orange Electric today.

Do You Need Emergency Power in Utah?

When the power goes out, your cash registers shut down, your security system turns off, your freezers begin to thaw. All the vital equipment that keeps your company up and running becomes useless.

Every Utah business can benefit from an emergency backup generator installation. With a powerful safety net in place, the risk of major product waste, profit losses and equipment malfunctions due to power loss is eliminated.

Selecting a Standby Generator

What size generator is right for you?

Our team at Orange Electric will assess your company’s needs and find the option that fits best. A whole-building generator is convenient, but may not be practical for every situation. What systems are absolutely critical to keeping your business running?

Identify the highest-priority systems that most need emergency power, so that your generator can keep these running for a longer period of time. We will help you find the right size equipment to meet the demands and prevent wattage overload.

The Planning Stage

Emergency backup generator installation can be complex. First, we research the best location for the equipment. It should be as close to the main electrical room as possible. Before deciding on a site, we examine the property’s layout to ensure the generator will be within property lines, and noise output doesn’t violate sound transmittance regulations.

Once we have formulated site plans, we ensure they align with both the property owner’s wishes and local building code. We construct concrete foundations and enclosures as needed, obtaining all necessary permits before the installation phase begins.

The Backup Generator Installation Process

Safety and effectiveness are our main concerns during the installation. We wire the generator to the automatic transfer switch with precision, making sure power is directed to the right circuits and that you are disconnected from the electrical grid when the generator switches on. A professional install is key to ensuring there is no risk of back feeding, fire, generator overload or carbon monoxide poisoning.

We also confirm the generator’s power supply is fully functional. Generators can run on natural gas, propane or diesel fuel, or a combination of those. We will size the fuel tank or gas lines based on what your needs would be if a power outage occurs.

We Handle Every Step

Work with a team that has the expertise to manage every stage of the emergency backup power installation process — Orange Electric. Call today to learn more about how we can help you establish a reliable standby power system for your business.