Home Remodeling Electrician

With so many potential headaches when it comes to renovation and remodeling, shouldn’t your electricians know what they are doing? We think so! Our team handles all remodeling jobs, and we even provide 24-hour service for the most demanding projects. No matter the size or scope of the project, our licensed remodeling electricians can assist you and your contractor with making your dream space a reality.

Renovations can be complex; trust us to take care of electrical wiring so your home passes inspections. Our expert team works with you to find the most viable and attractive electrical options. Whether you want a new pendant light, dishwasher or outlet for your renovated space, we make it happen.

home remodeling electrician

Start Your Home Remodel with Lighting

Installing updated and custom lighting can improve your home’s ambiance. Many spaces can benefit from more light — both interior and exterior.

Updating lighting in the kitchen or living rooms gets rid of that outdated feeling. Instead of planning to replace the entire kitchen, why not start with the lighting? It can make a big difference. Under-cabinet lighting, for instance, not only brings more function to your workspace, but it highlights countertops.

Creating Your Space with a Utah Home Remodeling Electrician

Kitchens are hot spots for remodeling. They often have designs that were once in style, but quickly become dated. An easy way to avoid this trap when you remodel is to opt for more traditional styles of light fixtures and appliances. While that pink refrigerator may seem like a good idea now, it likely won’t feel like one in 10 years.

Safe Electrical Systems in Utah Homes

Beautiful kitchen remodels can add a lot of value to your home and bring happiness and satisfaction. Rewiring an old kitchen isn’t just about the resale value. A lot of unsafe wiring can be left behind in those spaces. Newer electrical standards require specific guidelines to be met in the kitchen to bring your home to code.

Orange Electric provides electrical contractor services specific to home renovation or remodeling. Whatever type of renovation you’re planning, our experienced and licensed team provides the best results. Our certified technicians work with your contractors to complete your project on budget and on time. Call us today to schedule your free estimate!