Residential Electrician

You depend on electricity for so many daily conveniences, from charging your smartphone to keeping the food cold in your refrigerator. Chances are, unless you have a problem, you don’t think about your home’s electrical system, but you should.

Residential electrical problems can appear out of nowhere and cause damage, but if you have Orange Electric on call, you won’t have to worry – the residential electrical system in your West Jordan, Utah, home will be well serviced and maintained to meet your home’s electrical demands as well as local building code regulations.

Use a Reliable Electrician for Maintainence

Residential ElectricianYou might remember to clean out your gutters and fertilize your lawn, but there’s more to owning a home than simply taking care of the exterior. You need to think about what goes on inside your house too, including behind the drywall.

As time goes by, modern updates to building codes and the emergence of newer, safer electrical system components make it necessary to upgrade residential electrical systems.

At Orange Electric, we can help make sure every aspect of your residential electrical system, from the breaker box to the outside outlets, are functioning properly and safely. We repair loose, frayed wires and we replace dangerous parts that don’t meet today’s standards.

Regular maintenance keeps your electrical system functioning safely and efficiently and conserves resources. Contracting our services is making a valuable investment in your home.

Stay Proactive and Prevent Problems

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Renovating? Building an addition? Building from the ground up?

You may need residential electrical services in West Jordan, Utah, for so many reasons, and Orange Electric can take care of them all. Don’t wait for problems to arise – we can test your system and diagnose issues early on, preventing property damage and possibly even saving lives.

Residential Electrician

Utah’s Superior Residential Electrical Contractor

What can you expect from Orange Electric? We’re a company that places honesty and transparency at the top of our priority list. We provide free estimates before we complete any work, and we’re licensed, bonded and insured. We also understand that electrical issues aren’t relegated to normal business hours, so we make ourselves available around the clock for our West Jordan, Utah, clients.

Call Orange Electric whenever you encounter residential electrical contractor issues, or before any even arise. From installing additional outlets to mounting lighting fixtures to wiring an alarm system, there’s nothing our team can’t do. Our ability to perform any electrical job make us the one-stop electrician for everyone in West Jordan, Utah.